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Personal Ideas About Web Design

   I am a simple man and enjoy the easy-going and slower paced things in life, but I don't have time to just "waste". Maybe that's why I am not into "Flash", animated graphics, banners, and pop-ups flashing before my eyes. And "Flash" doesn't work well with many of the smartphones and tablets that have become so widely used.
Whether for desktop or mobile, I personally have no use for these time-eating gadgets and hope that you don't either. There are so many more useful and productive ways to use your web site space!
   But if you're interested in a web site from my shop anything can be included in your web site design.
   As you can tell, I'm not into the fancy stuff and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone. Graphics are fine, as long as they aren't dancing all around the screen and wasting time. Especially the "Flash" intro pages. Some of these can take 20 or 30 seconds to load, and people move on without ever entering the site. You can can make beautiful pages with "Flash", but you can have the same effect without making folks wait so long for them to load. And if folks don't have the long wait they never know that they missed anything. The "Flash" intros are OK on a personal page, but a business web site can do better without them. And many mobile devices do not handle "Flash" well.
   I'm located in Southwestern Virginia near Galax VA, Independence VA, and Hillsville VA. I operate a pretty much regional web design business but, of course, am available to do web sites for any location. I say "regional" because I like to visit with prospective clients in person before and during their sites creation and, of course, limiting travel helps keep costs down. Sites can be made via email or telephone, but I prefer to meet face to face at least one time.
I specialize in the tourism and related business and organization field, but will work with any type of business.
   So much for "about me". Now I need to hear about you, your likes and dislikes, and what you're looking for in your website. Call or email me if I may be of assistance, or fill out the Design Estimate Form and let me know what you have in mind.
Galax, VA
Phone: 276-233-9099