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   I hope that I haven't scared or confused you so badly that you decide not to give the web a try. I, nor anyone else, know everything about web design or website optimization, and if we did, we probably couldn't get it all to work as intended. And if we did get it all to work, it wouldn't last forever because all the major search sites change the criteria for crawling, indexing, and ranking web sites every so often. I guess that you might say that I'm not guaranteeing anything, and you would be right.  
   However, if you have a Southwestern Virginia small business, town, or organization that wants or depends on tourism and out of town visitors and customers for revenue, a well designed and constructed web site generally will provide better "Return on Investment" than most other forms of local advertising.  
   Whether in a nearby area or at some distant location, I'll be glad to discuss your plans and internet marketing strategies with you, or try to answer your questions about problems you may be having with your current site. I will do everything in my power to get your site as high up in the search engine returns as possible. I cut no corners.

   You can contact me at :
   High Mountain Designs, LLC
   4838 Fries Rd.
   Galax, VA 24333
   Phone: (276) 233-9099 (If no answer, please try again later.)
   Email :
Galax, VA
Phone: 276-233-9099